More than a realtor

Massachusetts REALTOR® Ken Richardson believes in using his experience to help and protect people.

His real estate help extends beyond knowing the markets he serves and helping clients successfully navigate the buying and selling process. It also encompasses helping buyers choose homes with structural, mechanical, and systems integrity, and helping sellers prepare their homes to realize the highest net proceeds at closing.

Ken has been in construction for 40 years and is licensed as a general contractor and a Home Owner Improvement contractor. He’s certified in lead renovation, mold inspection and remediation, and home heating and solar applications. As a certified energy auditor, he can do thermal imaging to detect moisture behind the walls, hot spots in electrical systems, and air leaks that drive up energy costs.

He also spent more than 10 years as a field inspector and property manager for both Fannie Mae and independent firms such as Associa.

Due to his extensive experience, he can see both what is right and what is wrong any house. He enjoys using this expertise to aid all clients, but feels especially gratified to help first-time-buyers and investors avoid costly mistakes.

Ken’s personal life also reflects his helping heart. After growing up in a rough and dangerous neighborhood in Baltimore City, he joined the Army to get out. In 1981, while he was in basic training, his brother was murdered in a gang shooting. That triggered what has become a life-long commitment.

Since leaving the Army, where he served in the Armored division and was a tank commander in the Big Red One, he has been dedicated to helping inner city youth escape the culture that claimed his brother’s life.

A martial arts expert himself, he founded an organization called “No Weapon Needed,” which utilizes martial arts and street awareness skills to help inner city youth protect themselves from the dangers of the streets while enhancing their lives. Trainers also serve as mentors, teaching inner city youth about morals, respect, honor, kindness, and discipline.

In keeping with his construction expertise, Ken serves as the construction manager for “Youth Build Boston.” This program pulls kids from the inner city and puts them in a construction pre-apprentice program. Youths who complete the 15-week program are assisted with getting into union apprentice programs so they can go on to well-paying jobs.

As a REALTOR®, martial arts instructor, and mentor, Ken believes in giving it his all and giving with love in his heart. He’s known for integrity, accountability, and sometimes brutal honesty. He does not believe in sugar-coating.

When you’re searching for a Massachusetts REALTOR® who will give you sound advice and always have your best interests at heart, look to Ken Richardson. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a true expert on your side.

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