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What is the richardson realty advantage?

Ken Richardson has that knowledge, gained over 40 years of experience as a builder, renovator,
remediator, inspector, and property manager. In addition, he has purchased, renovated, and sold more
than 10 properties of his own. 
Because his first priority as a REALTOR® is to protect his clients, Ken uses his knowledge to assist both
sellers and buyers.
For sellers, he brings attention to issues that should be resolved before a potential buyer brings in a
home inspector. Then he shows them how to present their homes to gain the most attention and the
highest selling price.
When working with buyers, he makes them aware of issues – both those that are easily resolved and
those that can turn a home into a “money pit.”
Ken Richardson’s clients have an advantage that can save them time, money, and frustration.

Why would you choose to proceed without that advantage?


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